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 JHKL Rules

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PostSubject: JHKL Rules   JHKL Rules Icon_minitimeMon May 25, 2009 5:04 pm

1.)All games will be 4v4, you can not play unless Gm or assis Gm is there.

2.)Gm's can not play, before you get mad listen to this, Gm's your the coach of your team, the leader, in what league do coaches play? Nfl? no Nhl? naaa Mlb? ummm no didnt think so. So Gm's can not play. You get to control your team and pick who plays is that not enough geez.

3.) All over time games will be played in public room.

4.)You can not leave the game no matter how bad the score is. Be a man or Women and finish it.

5.)Stupid behavior will not be put up with you will get warnings and if your behavior is not changed then you will be put out with the quickness.

6.)You can only have a max of 8 players on team and a min of 5.

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JHKL Rules
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